Original Austroducks

The first provider of rubber ducks with an Austrian theme.

Individual & sustainable.

The idea & the man behind it - the company history

While on a trip with friends in 2005, the today chief executive of Austroducks, Rudolf Doppelbauer started to take real interest in rubber ducks for the first time. He held one in his hand with fascination at shopping mall in Peking, but did not buy it. A few weeks later on his 40th birthday, he received this rubber duck from his travel companion as a gift. A passion for collecting them was born...

In January 2010, a day before the wedding of two friends of his, the "Duckpapa" as he is now called was lying in the bathtub wondering if anyone had ever invented their own rubber duck. He told his friends about his idea at the above mentioned wedding, and they agreed that it was a good one.

As a trained waiter and having worked in Salzburg´s restaurants for a long time he of course had no idea about starting up a business. What he did have were a wide circle of friends and acquaintances who support him to this day. His former apprentice Clemens Mayr drew the first Mozart-Duck and till today he designs the rubber ducks of Austroducks. Iris Schweineöster takes pictures of the products. The family helps as well, as his niece Anna is in charge of the website and presence in social media and his nephew Maximilian checks the company´s ideas for their ability to be implemented.

So up to now there are available eleven different models of rubber ducks with an Austrian theme, socks, cufflinks and stick pins. 


Creating our products, we have a lot of things in mind: They shall be great fun for everybody, young and old.
Our rubber ducks shall look good, feel pleasant and swim straight. Actually, our ducks are real rubber ducks, made from natural caoutchouc latex, not from PVC. Neither do they contain softening agents. They are being produced in a Moroccan factory, where they are also hand-painted with latex colors. Laube, a Salzburg-based project for people suffering of dementia, does the finishing work: inspection of the ducks and attaching of the recycling paper tag, on a hemp string.
Our socks are made from organic cotton and are certified by Ökotex 100 and GOTS. The kids organic cotton socks are OBCS certified.
We try to use environmentally friendly materials for packaging as much as possible. Sustainability is an important concern of Austroducks: in our opinion, small companies can lead the way for the big corporations.